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When I was a kid, there was a town near my town called Santa Maria. There was rivalry among grade and high school sports teams, so we'd sing, "Santa Maria, BAD idea...." Now at work, I have a female officer with the last name Santamaria. And every time I see or hear her name, it's followed (usually) silently with "BAD idea...." I can't turn it off. I would if I could, I swear.


*sigh* It's not a song, but my response, even if it's under my breath, to "Could be worse" is "Could be raining."

Ooh, Klaralund in #88 is going to be gorgeous. Would you bring the book with you on Friday? I'd love a peek. It will lead to financial disaster, I know, because I'll probably need to get me some Silk Garden. But you're right: all's fair in love and yarn.


Float, float on. :) I'd love to see some pics of your projects. They're growing, no shrinking. Show us!


Ooh! Yes, please bring the book Friday so we can drool all over it.


Think how done you'd be if you'd waited for Wendy's Klaralundalong! Hey, you'll be first in blogland with a Klaralund, though... Now I see how it works!

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