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la vendi

back cleavage is hot!


Iris, I love it! That's an especially pretty SG color I don't think I'd seen. Just started sleeve #2 (my third piece) myself.


The Iris! I'm totally gonna Iris it up on my next FO. Klara looks fabulous on you, and I love the idea of the V-neck back.

Yowza, babe!


Gorgeous, darling. Fantastic. Lovely. The yummiest of greeny greens and that back v is very sexy.


Damn those colors are great. I like the back. If the shoulders stay up, I think it's an improvement on the pattern


beautiful! :)


Wow, LOVE the color and the modifications. It's beautiful.


The sweater is beautiful, and the back is simply lovely. Of course, I love V-backs, so maybe I'm a little biased. But still - it looks great coming and going!


Girl, what are you talking about? That back cleavage is supa sexy! Hubba hubba!

I have always been partial to the male version of "the brownsville." You know posed with your arms crossed, leaning back to back with one of your boys, another of whom is crouching and pointing at the camera. There are many pictures of V. and his friends back in the day in this pose, and it cracks me up every time.


Love it, I haven't really wanted to make this sweater but seeing yours is tempting me. By the way, did you grow up in Brownsville? When I was born we lived on Grafton St. then we moved to East New York but my mom worked at a daycare in Brownsville for 25 years.


That is wonderful. I love the back with the key hole type style. The symmetry of colors look stunning.


It's gahjus...I like your colors better than mine! wah! I kinda like the open back. I think you should leave it. They'll love you coming and going.


I like the Brownsville the best. Looking at it, I can totally imagine little girl you in the same pose. Cute! And the sweater. Magnifique.


Congrats on a lovely Klaralund!

I like the back the way it is!

I finished mine last night (Color #84), and am so happy that I was thinking about another one. Funny, I was just looking at #203 online before I came to your may just have sold me on it!


Oh lordy, I can't wait to see The Iris sweep the Internet!

Your Clairedelune is excellent. I love the v-back (and the cleavage -- woohoo!) with the tie across the top. And the greeny-greens are greaty-great on you. Beautiful job.


Outstanding!! You do Klaralund justice;) Love your color and LOVE your sleeves. Very inspiring!

mean regression

congratulations on the pretty glove. i think you should make another! the sweater is so beautiful, and it's not just the beautiful woman that's modeling it, either. the back is cool.


Congratulations on a beautifully finished Klaralund. Wonderful colorway!
Enjoy wearing her!!

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