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Don't dismay, I've said "boughten" many a time myself. Sober.


Oh, I've fallen in love with each and every one of my tattooists. It wears off by the time the tat heals, though.


Well, without my budgetary constraints, my me would totally hire your you. Yep. In a heartbeat.


Well, the fangs are at least in time for Halloween.

I'll be thinking of you today, sending good "hire me" vibes. Even though it's the job you're not thrilled about, if they want you, you have the power, right?

mean regression

good luck, have un with it, and keep us posted. i always thought those elastics on braces were tres sexy.


I'm exactly the same kind of weirdo as you. Hope the interview goes well!


snab I love it!

I recently won a bet saying that TUMP is a word. To tip or to dump. TUMP! I wonder if snab is in it? TUMP and SNAB go together, yes?

Fingers crossed for the job..:)


good luck on your interview!!!
i hope you don't mind if i make one suggestion: if you're interviewing for a 'corporate' job? you might want to leave the nose ring or eyebrow or lip ring in your purse until you leave the interview.

Sean Butcher

I assume your braces must be out by now, which means, no more fangs! If you don't have one yet, why not go for a tongue stud? Weird, but cool.

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