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Ha, I also forgot to respond and got the same book. But, I already had it. So Return to Sender it went.


I just received a surprise gift of Loop-d-Loop from my secret pal! My reaction was like yours - some things I would never in a million years be tempted to wear, and a couple that have me chomping at the bit to get started - namely the Lace Leaf Sweater. Yum!


That book is soOOooOo cool. I looked through it at a SNB and it's on my list of books to get. Why am I strangly attracted to that brown and black sweater with the zippers? THE 80'S ARE OVER FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! But it's sooOOoooO cute! Make me want to put my hair in crazy buns and sit in the forest.


i gotta order that book!


After reading quite a bit of your blog, I think you should be a writer and publish your stories. My daughter and I have laughed so hard we cried. My daughter got a special kick about the coat check girl story. I am a native New Yorker as the tweedle beetle story. Love your blog...I will check in again. And I think you are a wonderful mother. Have a great weekend!


Glad your feeling a bit better and good things are starting to happen that book must have been fate - you having the right yarn there in your stash


I've been eyeing that yarnover tank too. However, I would need to wear a tank top underneath or something - I don't want my girls on display quite that much!

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