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Wow. That much have been an engrossing pattern.


I'm sitting here trying to come up with some "smart assery" for this video, and I got nothin'.

I think I'm in shock.


Oh yeah, she's a mom. You know how it is, we can knit through anything. Mine are 5 and 7 and I've knit (and chosen to ignore if the truth be known!) a whole lotta bad, bad dancing, wrestling, etc, etc!

Veronica Velasco

that is awesome!


I can't even listen to that without needing to bust a move (oops, wrong song ;)). There's some songs you just have to boogie to and that's one of them--but maybe it's a generational thing.


I so dearly love YouTube.


Iris, I don' know. She's tuning it out, but if you check close, her hands start to speed up. It's seriously funny!

Look out. Is that what you're gonna be doing when Cheb and her friends are in the living room practicing their new dance step? LOL!


You know he was IT with his friends for his dancing skillz (I'm assuming this isn't recent). He is probably an engineer now and can still bust out the moves when he needs to impress...his other engineer friends.


Thank you. That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I'm sure she was knitting to the beat. It's also good to know that Hammer is doing so well in Japan.


Speechless, but I agree with Sharlene: I mom can tune out almost anything. Thanks for sharing.


that is priceless. the mum has obviously seen it all and this is just another day with her crazy son. if the guy is making this video to show off his "mad skillz" then maybe he should think about moving his long-suffering mum out of the frame first!

Lee Ann

This is making tears stream down my eyes, just for the knitter in the background. Thanks for the laugh...I really needed it.

And dude needs to stick with the rhythm, yo. I just learned the last part of my choreography for a hip-hop show and honey, if it's Hammer Time, you gotta snap, crackle and pop on the beat, not a half-second sooner or later.

I honestly can't believe I'm nearly forty-one and dancing to M.C. Hammer. I'm hoping to at least not embarrass myself, but with Hammer, this may not be possible.

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