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Tina M.

I just laughed so hard (AT WORK) that people came to see what was so funny. I ROARED with laughter, I just saw my grandmother chasing Bush with her spike heel shoe... do you know how long it's been since I've heard that word, or seen that in action? I mean, seriously, my parents didn't do the chancleta thing, but my friends mother did. They were from PR/Dominican Republic, and I think it really doesn't matter what island you come from (my family's from PR), you RUN when you see the shoe come off.

Thank you for making my Monday.


Are you talking fruitcake like Trinidadian Black Cake? My dear, wonderful friend Gail brought me back a cookbook from Trinidad which is pretty much their version of "The Joy of Cooking." I guess she got tired of me asking her for all of her recipes. The book is called "The Naparima Girls High School Cookbook" and it just so happens that the NY Times printed their recipe for Black Cake last year. Here's a link:

It's SOOOOOOOOO good! And BTW? Gail starts macerating the fruit in booze a couple of months before the holiday, but you can do it for far less and still get good results.

I'm awfully dry too. I've been slathering on so much moisturizer that I half expect to go sliding out of bed.



My Big Momma wouldn't have missed with her shoe, and his ear would still be red a week later.


I don't have a good rummy fruitcake recipe but I have a killer rum cake recipe. Made all the more killer by liberal additions of more and more rum. For a non-drinker, I'm overly fond of cooking with the booze.


Forget the chanclas, I wanna know whose abuela is making pasteles this year because I want some so bad I could cry. I'll pay top dollar!

Tina M.

Saltypepper - we make them twice a year in massive quantities, all of us displaced upstate NY Puerto Ricans get together and we make them assembly line style. If you really do want them email me ( and I'll get in touch with you next time we make a batch. I'll send you my share (about 10 or 15 2 piece packets)... I'm sure we could work something out. ;P I personally don't like them so I just make them for fun.

I totally don't feel like I'm arranging some kind of illicit trade off. LOL

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