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Hilarious! I asked Hannah what her favorite part of the inauguration ceremony was, and without hesitating, she replied "When Aretha Franklin sang. And Aretha's hat!"

I was glued to the telly all day yesterday. I haven't been a news junkie in years, but I couldn't pry myself away from all the festivities. Poor Michelle's feet must hurt like hell after that day, huh?


Honestly -- all I heard yesterday was ridicule for Aretha's hat, but I LOVED it.

And Michelle's feet must've hurt, but dang, did you see Jill Biden's boots? That lady looked like she was in pain by the end of the parade.


I'm right there in the pew behind ya...and Aretha's hat ROCKED! Even all the country folks here in Boulder loved it. We got together for a breakfast (it was 2 hours earlier here, so at 8:30am) at our neighbor's house with about 8 other folks. Most of us were in tears by the end of the ceremony. There was much hissing at Bennett, the utah right-wing rep, not sure how HE got invited, and at Cheney and Shrub. Was it just me or did you flash on Dr. Strangelove when looking at that evil man in the wheelchair? and one of the better moments was watching that helicopter lift off for Texas.


first thing i though of when i saw aretha's hat was that she was going to church up in the white house.




I am TOTALLY with you the whole way on both Aretha's hat and the church of Lowery. My two favorite moments in the inauguration.


We listened to it on NPR 'cuz we're too cheap to hook up the tv, so all I heard was "oh my, that's a big bow!" NPR doesn't much go in for fashion commenting, so I didn't realise until now that it was a big deal. Wow. That's a freaking awesome hat, and honestly, not what I expected from the hoopla. Kind of understated, really.

Sigh, I am so happy. It feels like our new president has done more good in the last two days than our last did in eight years. Talk about being the decider.


Oh, hell yes!

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