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Ah, teenagers.

My littlest sister is on Myspace and facebook, and has managed to keep our parents oblivious - but got the shock of her life when I called her up one day to ask why a friend of hers had left a picture of pot as a comment on her profile, and whether that meant she was doing drugs (and then proceeded to lecture her with my own experience, which amounted to, "I get that you'll want to experiment, but please learn vicariously from my vast mistakes and avoid these drugs at all costs). Anyway, she was gobsmacked and was all, "But HOW did you know?" And I was like, "Your profile is public, dumbdumb." A week later, set to private, but I'm betting she still gets on it, with the parents in the same room, and does all sorts of stuff she'd get grounded for, if only they cared enough to look at the screen.

Good on you for actually paying attention and being a responsible, aware parent. Sorry your computer had to buy it, though.


Yikes, I wonder what site it was. Good luck fixing it--and I guess that was one of them self-enforcing rules I hear about with natural consequences or whatever. Bummer though.


I believe untold numbers of fathers (including mine, repeatedly) said it best..."Try to have nice things, can't have a damn thing 'cause of you kids."


Time for a MAC. Get her to pay for it, that'll be punishment enough! No more allowance for 50 years!

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