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Welcome back, baby girl! Been missin' that cheekiness. If you're commenting I guess that means I have to actually post something, right?


Great to see you! You daughter is growing so fast! mine is in her second year at Uni (20 yo) where does the time go....


Glad to see you. The gopher was cute and all, but no substitute, really.


Now, how could anyone forget you? Good to see you back. We need a little more life on the interwebs.


Hey there! Happy New Year to you!

I know, I ain't been around since the Knit-A-Que,and still owe pics. But I'm back on the block and glad to see you are too! And do work on that drop kick––boys start early now!


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I believe your right!


Iris? Whodat? I miss you and certainly understand. Come on back, there's going to be a return to blogging content!

Linda Samson

You little girl is growing so fast! it seems I haven't been here for ages! Glad to see you again.

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